AGES 3-24 Months

Our Infant Rooms admits children from three months old to twenty-four months old. This age range, although in the infant class, is further split into three months to twelve months, thirteen months to eighteen months and from nineteen months to twenty-four months.

We work closely with parents

Loving teachers foster social-emotional development

In our infant program, our loving teachers foster social-emotional development through nurturing relationships with the babies, while babies develop physical skills as they learn to move and manipulate the wide range of toys available to them.

In crawling and feeling new textures, our babies are discovering the world around them, establishing a strong foundation for learning.

We work closely with parents and care givers to create a daily schedule full of learning experiences and social interaction moments. Individual and small-group connection activities and rich, meaningful interactions encourage babies’ cognitive skills as they learn to navigate their world.

As children’s physical and exploration skills develop, the first steps classroom offers new challenges and discoveries. Our teachers nurture and encourage the children as they begin to communicate, crawl and walk. These developing skills lead to an expansion of emotions, such as frustration if children stumble while learning to walk, and joy when they succeed.

All programs are customized to your child’s progress, needs and age.