AGES 49-60 Months

Our kindergarten program admits children between the ages of forty-nine months to sixty months. The kindergarten program gives our children the jumpstart for Year One and beyond. The intriguing, engaging, well-balanced curriculum allows children to explore and discover their interests while learning academic essentials and developing their social interaction skills.

Intriguing, engaging, well-balanced curriculum

Learn by actively engaging

Our teachers focus on theme-based learning, which allows children to learn by actively engaging in a task or long-term project. This type of learning encourages children to develop independence, confidence and initiative by exploring a subject.


  • Stimulating, technology enabled classrooms
  • Our program has a strong focus on literacy, 21st century learning and STEAM;
  • The lessons help your child develop communication, collaboration, creativity and critical-thinking skills;
  • The lesson plans are adjusted based on your child’s progress, needs and age;
  • The program provides a healthy balance of outdoor play, fitness, academics, enrichment activities and time to explore.